Fashion Subscription Service

Market: Spain, Germany & the UK Sector: Retail, Fashion & AccessoriesDate: July 2021

Despite the limitations caused by the pandemic, young fashionable audiences in Spain, Germany and the UK continue to employ in-store shopping alongside online channels. In this project, whilst our modelling predicted the apparel sector would likely grow significantly in the medium term, few target consumers have personally used online subscription services, and even fewer were interested in doing so.

Furthermore, the service we tested did little to stimulate demand: Likely trial volumes were very low, and when actual pricing was factored into the equation, overall uptake of the product was deemed likely to be negligible.

Drilling down into consumer reactions, however, did offer a silver lining: younger consumer cohorts care about sustainability and fashion, and if a curated portfolio of trendy, luxury brands were included, this could stimulate demand and cause Gen Xers in particular to trial the service. Thus, better brand partnerships and customer segment targeting could be the route to success for the founder.