Online Fx Swapping Service

Market: UKSector: Fintech, TravelDate: February 2020

In February of 2020, the international travel sector was robust and growing. Though cash was still king amongst travellers, most used a portfolio of payment methods whilst abroad and new technologies were driving advancements that were quickly being taken up: one in five travellers used e-wallets and one in four had payment cards exclusively intended for use abroad. Usage trends augured good opportunities for our test service. Our models predicted that cash would become less popular, and that Britons would adopt products specifically designed for travel: pre-loaded cards siloed for travel use and credit cards anchored in foreign currencies were forecasted to grow significantly. Consumers’ primary quibble at that time? Security, and currency rates. Thus, the test service was ideally placed to enter the market. An online FX platform allowing travellers to swap currencies and load them onto a travel payment card played right into the needs of the target audience, and this was reflected in demand forecasts both in terms of product trail probabilities as well as modelled trial volumes. Sadly, it all came to a standstill with lockdown, but as the travel industry picks up, we expect market viability to remain strong.