case study test 2

SECTOR: Femtech
DATE: April 2020

The health and wellbeing app sector is a growing sector, currently dominated by the sports & fitness, weight loss and diet & nutrition categories, which our modelling suggested was likely to be reaching terminal velocity. Consumer trends at the time of testing indicated that the greatest growth potential lay in newer categories including sleep, mental health & support and applications for specific health problems such as diabetes or back pain, though all categories were likely to see continued consumer interest. Within the category of women’s health and hormone tracking, we found a clear opportunity for growth. However, women are a diverse group with myriad needs and overall, current offerings do not build this into their delivery. Thus, whilst modelled trial likelihoods for our test application were high, they could have been much higher. There exists a clear opportunity for recruiting specific customer segments by supporting and communicating USPs around less ‘traditional’ issues such as irregular periods & amenorrhea, perimenopause, the impact of HRT, support for transitioning women, breastfeeding, and allowing natural improvement of all hormonal symptoms and issues.